My name is Marc. I am a software engineer with experience in ML, Data, Cloud infrastructure, applied to Automotive, Market Finance and SaaS, who enjoys efficient, robust and modular solutions to complex problems, and finding ways to improve the way I and my team(s) work.

I am currently based in Tokyo where I lead the development of the ML Platform enabling AD/ADAS (Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver-Assistance System) development at Woven by Toyota, with people like Wadim Kehl. Previously, I was engineer, team lead, platform lead, and then architect on Arene’s Data Platform, working on vehicle data collection to support AD/ADAS’ development and Arene’s data-driven software quality, with people like JF Bastien.

Before that, I was at Weaveworks, the company which coined “GitOps”, where I worked on container networking (when it was not trivial to wire two containers together), observability, continuous delivery, and self-healing cloud infrastructure (e.g. I wrote one of the first Kubernetes operators against its nacent, so-called “Cluster API”). This included work on both Open Source Software and a SaaS product (~120 microservices running on Kubernetes).

Before that, I was at J.P. Morgan, in London, where I worked on a pricer for equity exotics and got exposure to financial engineering, and then a distributed timeseries database (and an ecosystem of market data feeds, compute platform, etc.) to enable real-time pricing and risk analysis.

In parallel of some of the above, I also co-founded, Sway, a company where we analysed patterns in social networks, and helped our customers engaged with the right people in their communities.

I currently mostly write Rust and Python. Over the years, in addition to these two, I have writen C, C++, C#, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Javascript, Typescript, Ruby, and Go.

For consultation offers, please reach out via consulting@marccarre.com.